Life gets in the way…

I have been absent.

I have been busy.

I also have been distracted from my handspun sweater. Squirrel!!

imageFirst knittedknockers (find out more at was an immediate need. I was trying to finish a set and get the box filled and mailed out.

Then a new pattern (Leni from Berroco) came across my e-mail and I was attracted and started knitting on that. It was easy to work on while I was in a conference for 2 days, but alas, it was not the sweater.

Now I feel the need to knit some cotton since the weather got warmer. Which is not the handspun wool sweater. And I need to finish another spa cloth for my mom since Mother’s Day is the 13th.  Excuses, excuses… But the sweater will still be there when I am ready.

Anyone else get so off track? I think our modern lifestyle leads to this. It’s always throwing something at us, in our inbox, on the calendar, or our over busy schedules. How do you deal with distraction or overcommitting yourself?

I recently took a mini get away that was wonderful, only to come back to complete chaos at work. I guess that is the price to pay.  I’d rather be knitting.

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