OK. So it’s not Madeline Tosh.

The twist is thick-thin and the ply is uneven, but I like it. What else did I expect from beginning hand spun? I think the simplicity of top down raglan compliments it though.  And I don’t mind that it won’t look like it came off the rack at T.J.Maxx.  It used to be that you had to spin and knit to have a sweater. Now if you want something really nice you just pop into Macy’s or click on Amazon.com and order up what you want. But then there are people like me who want to spin, and knit, and create, even if the product isn’t perfect or manufactured looking. You see, it’s the gratification from working with your own two hands to create an item from the raw materials that gives satisfaction. During the knitting, watching the stitches add up and the rows increase, fufills a creative longing that is in me. Do you enjoy the process of the craft as much as or more than the finished product? Are you knitting, or spinning, or crafting for the joy of the process itself or do you just want the end product? I think it’s a little of both sometimes.  How about you?


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