Here I am, two years into this adventure of owning a yarn shop. I have moved and restarted already and am just now getting a website.  This is what happens when you are on a shoe string budget and have a hobby job.  Yet it is still my happy place.  The area in my life where I can feed my creative needs and hopefully help (read enable) others to meet theirs.  And now a blog.  I used to blog…. but that was another lifetime.

So what’s on your needles or in your que?  I have just finished spinning a sweaters worth of wool and am looking to knit my first hand spun sweater!  I’ll try to keep you updated with my progress and not bore you in the process.  I am not a speed knitter so don’t check back too often to see how it’s coming.

May your yarn stay untangled, and as always come by and sit and knit a bit.

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